August 2017

How connected car can be influenced via the Internet – video case

August 15th, 2017|

In our previous post OBD-trackers - how big is the danger? we have argued that OBD trackers, that are connected directly to CANbus of the vehicle, can be dangerous. Some readers commented that the whole topic is a scaremongering and danger is not so big, if even real. And after all, none of this ever happened to date. But it is either a wishful thinking or like arguing that patient never died before, so guess what - he will live forever. So we stand firmly behind my argument - and want to bring some real-life evidence. First, let’s recap what it is it all about – we said that OBD trackers are dangerous from 2 major standpoints: either internal failure might cause disruption on the network – main reason why service companies are not happy when regular GPS tracker is connected directly to the CANbus, or intentional interference from outside – simply put – hacking attack. Why hacking is not merely about stealing your data, but about causing real and imminent danger? Many telematics devices, installed in a car, have a possibility of remote firmware update. It is necessary to adjust what device can do on different vehicles, adjust to specific modifications of [...]

OBD-trackers – how big is the danger?

August 10th, 2017|

OBD-plugged GPS trackers are gaining momentum - and for a good reason. Every modern vehicle has a service OBD2 plug. Such plug grants access to many of standard digital buses: CAN, ISO 9141, J1850, as well as power supply. All that makes OBD trackers so popular - they are so easy to install - technicians don’t need to look for a suitable place to install a tracker, plan cabling and search for places to connect to standard sensors and digital interfaces - everything is in one, easily accessible place. Many well-known GPS tracker manufacturers have OBD trackers among their standard offer - Queclink , Teltonika, Ubotech, CalAmp to name a few. Manufacturers claim that along with usual GPS tracking, such devices can read data on fuel consumption, RPM, engine temperature, etc, and provide users with simple, clear visualization via smartphone on car’s location and performance, fuel use and even provide advice on eco-driving. But let's not forget, that OBD plug was originally intended for vehicle diagnostics, that is performed within authorized service center. Such diagnostics is, in fact, an active “conversation” between diagnostics device and units within the vehicle. This includes reading of passports of installed units, error reading and debugging, active engine [...]

July 2016

Totally closed and secure fuel circulation on construction sites is here

July 18th, 2016|

How to get additional machinery without additional investment? Cut running costs! By taking fuel under proper control, it is possible to release significant funds, previously eaten by misused fuel. Find out more on how it can be achieved in presentation below! Use of fuel telematics on construction sites CROCODILE Safe contactless connector to the CANbus (j1939/j1708) DUT-E Fuel level sensors for constant fuel tank control DFM In-line fuel flow meters for exact fuel consumption measurment GNOM Weight control on air and spring suspension vehicles MasterCAN Signal converter and CANbus data sorting devices

June 2016

May 2016

Top 3 approaches to expand your current telematics business

May 23rd, 2016|

Each one of us, who is involved in telematics (or let’s put it straight, any kind of business) familiar with the race – the constant search for new customers. Hundreds of companies are being contacted, dozens are actually talking to you, and only a handful of these companies are actually willing to continue the talk, and who knows what will turn out of it. And meanwhile the market is getting more and more crowded each year – new companies arise, new services are being introduced, and equipment is getting cheaper and cheaper. Against such background, customers obviously are getting increasingly picky. And that is quite common for the developed market. What can truly turn the heads – is something new, something unfamiliar, and simultaneously, simple and previously hidden from sight. Such solution or ad-on for classical telematics is accurate fuel control and fuel management system. Provide solutions which are not based on almost abstract CANbus data (see our previous article on how this data is collected by manufacturers, not to mention VW and Co scandal). This solution is based on accurate, physical sensors, counting every drop of fuel – and then these data is processed by software and good decisions are made [...]

March 2016