How connected car can be influenced via the Internet – video case

In our previous post OBD-trackers - how big is the danger? we have argued that OBD trackers, that are connected directly to CANbus of the vehicle, can be dangerous. Some readers commented that the whole topic is a scaremongering and danger is not so big, if even real. And after all, none of this ever happened [...]

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OBD-trackers – how big is the danger?

OBD-plugged GPS trackers are gaining momentum - and for a good reason. Every modern vehicle has a service OBD2 plug. Such plug grants access to many of standard digital buses: CAN, ISO 9141, J1850, as well as power supply. All that makes OBD trackers so popular - they are so easy to install - technicians don’t need [...]

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Totally closed and secure fuel circulation on construction sites is here

How to get additional machinery without additional investment? Cut running costs! By taking fuel under proper control, it is possible to release significant funds, previously eaten by misused fuel. Find out more on how it can be achieved in presentation below! Use of fuel telematics on construction sites CROCODILE Safe contactless [...]

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Advanced fuel and weight telematics

Advanced fuel and weight telematics

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Top 3 approaches to expand your current telematics business

Each one of us, who is involved in telematics (or let’s put it straight, any kind of business) familiar with the race – the constant search for new customers. Hundreds of companies are being contacted, dozens are actually talking to you, and only a handful of these companies are actually willing to continue the talk, [...]

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Presentation: How to ECO drive – 3 steps for commercial fleets

How to ECO drive - 3 steps for commercial fleets Read full article here.

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How to implement eco driving – 3 major steps

Eco driving is a popular concept nowadays, even though fuel prices are a bit in a retreat. But damage to the environment is the same, and governments are closely looking into possibility to increase fuel charges to bring fuel price to the same level as one or two years ago, simply motivating it by – [...]

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Fuel theft: who is involved, where it is happening and how to stop it #Infographics

Modern approaches to fuel monitoring can help overcome fuel theft from corporate vehicles - but how general picture looks like? Have a look on infographics on what is a fuel theft and how companies usually fight with it - and how they actually should. Problem of fuel theft - and how to counter it

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Fuel telematics explained: main tasks within GPS tracking solution + Infographics

Quick overview of what fuel telematics is all about - what tasks and what fleet manager problems it can solve. Fuel tank re-fueling control Fueling control gives user of GPS vehicles tracking system ability to monitor where, when and how much fuel was filled into the tank; it detects manipulations with fuel and, consequently, reduces [...]

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CZECHBUS 2015 – highlights from the event

27.11.2015 Wagencontrol company has taken part in one of the biggest Central European bus exhibitions which was held in Prague 24-26. November 2015. Event was focusing on new trends in bus industry, new products, software and hardware solutions and, of course, new models of buses, both for city and international transportation. Wagencontrol presented its solutions [...]

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